Artist Statement

I make art for the pleasure of the process. Touching the materials is visceral, wet clay is sensuous and yielding, as is creamy paint. It is a bonus if the product gives enjoyment or provokes thought. I am inspired by the struggles of girls and women to work under the blight of patriarchy, raise worthwhile children, create a kind and gentler world, and bring about the possibility of peace. You see this in my series called “Save the planet, Educate girls”, which is my motto.

Because of my long history of working with the elements and relationships of design in my paintings, I bring a painter’s eye to the creation of my ceramic sculptures and especially to the glazing table. Each piece I start seems to take on a life of its own, and I’m just there to feed it the shapes, color, texture, line and contrasts it asks for.

My work is a celebration of joy and life. I survived cardiac arrest (only 3% do) and I’m determined to leave beautiful things behind me when I finally (hopefully a long time from now) leave the planet. I’m sure I would be dead already without art-making in my life. The work is a spiritual practice involving all the deities, including Gladys, the Parking Goddess, who always finds me a place to park in San Francisco. Clay work involves all the elements: earth, air, fire and water, which suits my Capricorn nature.